How to Sign Up for Today at Apple Sessions

Today at Apple Program

Although you still can’t participate in a Today at Apple session in person, the classes are still happening. Since March 2020, Cupertino has been offering these learning opportunities virtually. Let’s look at how you sign up for Today at Apple sessions.

Everything Begins At the Apple Website

Cupertino has its own web page specifically for the Today at Apple program. To sign up for Today at Apple sessions, all you have to do is visit the website and look for a class that is right for you.

Find sessions by Store

Even though the classes aren’t happening in person, you still search for openings based on your favorite or nearest Apple retail store. You can search for your store by city, state, or ZIP Code. Or, just allow your browser’s location services to do the work for you.

Registering for Today at Apple Sessions

After you have selected the store, you will see a list of available sessions. Most of these classes are centered around getting started with your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. You will find other, non-interactive videos on Apple’s YouTube channel.

Today at Apple Available Sessions

Once you find the session you want to sign up for, all you need to do is click Details. That will take you to a page outlining what the Today at Apple session covers, the date and time of the class, and whether it is online or in person. Of course, as of this writing, everything is still online. You will also see whether or not the session provides sign language interpreters.

Signing up for your session

If there are open slots in that session, you will see a Sign up button. If not, the page will report that the session is full. You can use the drop-down button next to the date and time to find other available times.

When you click on Sign up, you may be prompted to sign into the Apple website. Just follow along, allowing your browser access to your account if asked to do so.

Once that’s all done, you will get an email confirming your registration. That email will provide instructions for joining your online session.

Since Apple uses Cisco’s WebEx conferencing software, you may want to go into the email right away. That way, you can download the necessary software and install it beforehand.

Managing Your Today at Apple Reservations

Manage your Today at Apple reservations

If you don’t receive the reminder email, or change your mind, you can manage all of your today at Apple reservations from the same webpage. Just click on My Reservations, and you will see which sessions you are signed up for. You can add your reservation to your calendar or cancel it from this page.

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