Tim Cook Receives Final Payout of $750 Million in Apple Stock

Apple logo with a pile of cash

As part of a 10-year deal when he took over as Apple CEO, Mr. Cook’s final payout is 5 million shares in Apple worth roughly US$750 million (via Fortune).

Tenth Anniversary With Apple

Part of the payout depended on Apple’s stock return over the past three years that has surpassed approximately two thirds of companies in the S&P 500. During his tenure, Apple’s stock has returned over 1,100%, making Apple the world’s most valuable company with a value over US$2 trillion.

In 2020 Mr. Cook received restricted stock units worth up to US$114 million as an incentive to remain CEO until at least 2025. Mr. Cook’s net worth is approximately US$1.5 billion. He plans to donate most of his wealth to charity.

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