Lyrics App for iMessages Makes it Easy to Find and Share Lyrics

Lyrics Sent!

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the new features in Messages in iOS 10. Apps and stickers increase enjoyment and utility, both, and I have a great example of that for you with an iMessages app called Lyrics. It makes it easy to find, quote from, and share song lyrics.

Nuts and Bolts

The name of the app is technically Genius: Song Lyrics + Music, but you can search for it inside the iMessages App Store with simply “Lyrics.” Using the full name is going to give you better results if you’re searching in iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.

The iMessage app is a companion to the app of the same name above. Installing one will install the other. You can turn the iMessage app on and off under the Manage tab in the iMessage App Store.

They both access the same database of song lyrics, but the iMessage app gives you the ability to do it all within Messages itself.

Using Lyrics in iMessage

Once installed, you access Lyrics in the App tray like any other iMessage app, as shown below.

App Drawer with Lyrics App
Tap to launch Lyrics App

Inside the Lyrics iMessage app, I can search for a lyric, song title, or artist. In this case, I searched for “Sanctified,” one of my favorite tunes from Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine.

Searching in Lyrics App
Search for Sanctified in Lyrics App

Tapping through to the “Sanctified” I wanted, I’m presented with band art (current, rather than contemporary to the album in question) and lyrics.

Sanctified Lyrics in Lyrics App
Sanctified in Lyrics App

Users are instructed to highlight lyrics from the song, and when you do, they’re superimposed over the band art. This is a preview of what your recipient will see.

Highlighted Lyrics Selected in Lyrics App
Selecting Lyrics to Send

Now, if you tap the preview, it will be sent to the chat you were already in, as shown below.

Ready to Send Lyrics in iMessage Lyrics App
Ready to Send Lyrics in iMessage

Hit the blue arrow to send, and your recipient will get the quote.

Sent Lyrics in iMessage Lyrics App
Quote Sent, Coolness Achieved

But, this is really just the start. Your recipient can tap the lyrics preview she received. If she already has the app installed, it will open up the full lyrics in a page with additional information about the song, band, or album.

Full Genius iOS App goodness in Lyrics App
Genius: Song Lyrics + Music App with Full Lyrics

What I Like

This is a fun addition to the iMessage platform. It makes it easy to share lyrics when your talking about music, or maybe when you want to find a quote to make your point. I’m not an expert in the full iOS app, but one of its key features is the ability to tap your Music library directly (with permission). That makes it even easier to access lyrics and other content for the music most important to you.

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