iOS 13.6: How to Find Symptom Tracking in the Health App

Apple health icon

iOS 13.6 brings symptom tracking to the Health app, letting you manually add symptoms and share them with third-party apps. The feature is also included in the iOS 14 betas. Here’s how to get started with symptom tracking.

iOS 13.6 Symptom Tracking

  1. Open Health.
  2. Tap the Browse tab at the bottom.
  3. Scroll down to find Symptoms.

Screenshots of iOS 13.6 symptom tracking

There is a wide variety of symptoms available to track, from abdominal cramps to wheezing. If you’re experiencing one of the symptoms, tap on it to add data. You’ll be asked to choose whether the symptom is Present, Mild, Moderate, or Severe, and log the date and time it started as well as the date and time it ends.

Data is super important in virtually all situations and is especially important with doctor visits. The more data your doctor has, the better they can drill down to the problem and fix it.

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