How to Search in Apple Music by Lyrics Not Song Title

Apple Music Lyrics Search

We’ve all had that moment –  the words of a song are buzzing around your head but you don’t know what it’s called to find it and play it. One of my favorite features in Apple Music is that you can search for a song using the lyrics, without knowing the title.

Apple Music Lyrics Search

Lyrics Search in Apple Music

To find a song this way put a couple of lines from a track into the search bar in the top left-hand corner of Apple Music (on a Mac). Obviously, it works better if it is a distinctive lyric, such as a line from the chorus, but it doesn’t have to be. Hit Return and all the songs containing those words will appear. The app also highlights the words you’ve looked for in the results. You should, therefore, be quickly able to find that earworm.

The video above shows the process on a Mac but the function works on an iPhone and iPad too. Again, just type a line from the song into the app’s search bar and you should find what you’re looking for.

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