How to Turn Off iMessage Apps and Stickers on Your iPhone

imessage apps

Apple introduced apps and stickers into iMessage with iOS 10. You can easily turn off iMessage apps and stickers if you don’t use them and want to declutter the interface.

Turn Off iMessage Apps

When you’re inside a conversation within Messages you’ll see a strip at the bottom with various icons. Icons such as App Store, Apple Pay, Apple Music, a GIF button, and various buttons from third-party apps you install. These apps are turned on by default.

  1. Open a conversation.
  2. With the scroll bar at the bottom, scroll left until you see the three dot More icon to tap on.
  3. Next, tap on Edit in the upper-left corner, and start turning those green toggles off.

You won’t be able to turn off the buttons for the App Store and Photos, but the rest of them can be disabled, even for other Apple services.

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