How to Use Find My on iCloud to Locate Your Apple Devices

iCloud Find My App on Apple Devices

While every iPhone comes with the iCloud Find My app, users often neglect setting it up on their devices. Some don’t understand the feature, while others feel it’s unnecessary. Speaking from experience, you’ll regret not having Find My during emergencies—you never know when you’ll need it. Here’s how to enable it on all your Apple devices.

How to Activate Find My on Your iCloud Devices

Find My is Apple’s device-tracking service. The company introduced it as Find My iPhone in 2009 but rebranded it to Find My once it started supporting other gadgets. You can use it on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Macs, AirPods, and AirTags.

How to Set Up Find My on Your iOS or iPadOS

  1. Open Settings > [your Apple ID profile] > Find My > Find My iPhone/iPad.
    iCloud Find My iOS Settings on iPhone
  2. Toggle on the buttons for Find My iPhone/iPad.
    iCloud Find My Toggle Buttons on iOS Device
  3. Next, go back to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services > Find My and set Allow Location Access to While Using the App.
    Allow Location Access Settings for Find My App

How to Set Up Find My on Your macOS

  1. Click the Apple Menu > System Settings > [your Apple ID profile] > iCloud.
    iCloud Settings on Mac System Settings
  2. Select Find My Mac > Turn On and enter your administrator profile’s login credentials. If you don’t see Find My Mac, look for it in Show More Apps… under Apps using iCloud.
    iCloud Find My Toggle Button for Mac System Settings
Note icon NOTE
You can only use Find My on Apple devices logged in to the same iCloud account. To track third parties and their devices, they must actively share their location with you.

How to Add Devices to Find My Manually

  1. Open Find My on your iPhone or iPad > Devices and tap the plus symbol (+) on the right side of the screen.
    List of Devices on Find My App iPhone
  2. Select Add AirTag, Add MagSafe Accessory, or Add Other Item.
    Adding Devices to List of Devices on Find My
  3. Wait for Find My to find your gadget—make sure it’s nearby—and add it to the Devices list.
    Searching for Items to Add to Find My Devices
  4. You can also remove paired items. Go to Devices, tap the device you need to remove, then select Remove This Device.
    Remove This Device on iPhone Find My Settings

How Do I Track My Lost iPhone, iPad, or Mac?

Find My shows your registered devices on a map. Your iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirTag, and Apple Watch will show their real-time locations if they’re turned on, while AirPods must be out of their charging case. Unfortunately, you won’t see your offline devices. Here are several ways to track your lost Apple device if it’s not showing up on the Find My map.

  • Play a Sound: Open Find My > Devices > [your device name] > Play Sound—your missing gadget will play a fairly loud sound. It’s a good option if the item is just nearby.
    Play Sound Option on Find My iPhone Settings
  • Set as Lost: Open Find My > Devices > [your device name] > Mark as Lost, set your Activation Lock, then turn on Notify When Found. Your device will remain locked until you find it and enter your unique activation lock.
    Mark Device as Lost on iPhone Find My App
  • Erase Device Remotely: If you still can’t find your gadget, erase it remotely to prevent your personal data from leaking. Open Find My > Devices > [your device name] > Erase This Device.
    Erase Paired Device on Find My App on iPhone
Note icon NOTE
Erase This Device is different from Remove This Device. It will clear everything on your gadget and force it into Recovery Mode—be careful not to click it by accident. But if you do, call Apple Support. Don’t attempt to force it out of Recovery Mode unless you have experience because you might cause permanent damage to its logic board.

Does Find My Tell You When Someone’s on Their iPhone?

Find My tells you if someone is using your lost iPhone, Mac, or iPad if you turn on Mark as Lost. It’ll notify you when your device goes online. However, Find My doesn’t say the online status of friends and family members sharing their locations.

Can I Find a Lost iPhone That’s Turned Off?

Find My can find a lost iPhone that’s offline or turned off if you enable Find My network. Go to Settings > [your Apple ID profile] > Find My > Find My iPhone/iPad and toggle on the button for Find My network. Likewise, enabling Send Last Location shares your device’s location with Apple whenever it’s low on power.

If Find My keeps turning off without your permission, check your iCloud settings, power mode, GPS signal, and app permissions. You should enable it on all your Apple devices to utilize its features.

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