Fix: Vision Pro Windows Are Angled Even After Centering

Vision Pro Windows Are Angled Even After Centering

Don’t panic if the windows on your Apple Vision Pro are angled even after centering—it’s a surprisingly common issue. I noticed it within a week of purchasing my spatial computer. I even thought these tilted elements were normal since I have limited experience with VR headsets. Thankfully, I found some easy troubleshooting steps.

Why Are Vision Pro Windows Angled Even After Being Centered?

Poor calibration is the most common reason for tilted, misaligned Apple Vision Pro windows. So before diving into the more complex solutions, I suggest going through these quick fixes:

  • Recenter your device: Press and hold the digital crown to recenter your device. Ensure you follow the on-screen instructions properly—careless movements will further skew windows.
  • Tilt your head in different directions: Look at the skewed window, grab it, and then tilt your head around to adjust it.
  • Restart your device: Press the digital crown and keep holding until the Force Quit Applications prompt appears. Repeat the first two quick fixes after rebooting your device.

1. Turn on Travel Mode

Time needed: 3 minutes

Use Travel Mode to disable sensors like the gyroscope and accelerator. They might be causing the windows on your Apple Vision Pro to appear skewed if you like moving around your space.

  1. Look up and select the arrow-down icon at the top of the screen.

    Clicking the Arrow Down Icon on AVP Home Screen

  2. Select the Control Center icon > Focus mode icon to enable Travel Mode.

    The Control Center Opened from AVP Home Screen

Note icon NOTE
Travel Mode uses the traditional Focus mode moon icon. On newer and beta versions, however, the Travel Mode button looks like a mini Apple Vision Pro icon.

2. Remove Optical Inserts and Recalibrate Your Device

Poorly calibrated optical lenses could cause certain elements to appear skewed. Remove and unpair them from your Apple Vision Pro, then repeat the hand-eye calibration process.

  1. Place the cover on your Apple Vision Pro and remove your optical lenses.
  2. Wait a few minutes, then carefully reattach the lenses into their corresponding display.
    Removing the Lens on AVP
  3. Press and hold the digital crown while your lenses align with your device.
    Clicking the Digital Crown on AVP for Recalibration
  4. Click the top button four times and use the digital crown to select Pair New Optical Inserts in the Confirm Your Optical Inserts window.
    Confirm Your Optical Inserts Page ti Recalibrate Them on AVP
  5. Proceed with the hand and eye setup that automatically starts.
    The Hand-Eye Setup on AVP Automatic Prompt

3. Update to a Newer VisionOS Version

The first visionOS version comes with a few bugs—see if downloading and installing the latest updates fixes your skewed windows.

  1. Go to Settings > General and scroll down to Software Updates.
    Looking for Software Update on AVP General Settings
  2. Look for newer visionOS versions. If none are available, you can consider turning on beta downloads for your Apple ID.

Call Apple Support if the windows on your Apple Vision Pro are still angled even after centering, recalibrating its sensors, updating visionOS, and removing its lenses. You might qualify for a replacement. Just note that the Apple Vision Pro is fragile and buggy because it uses emerging technology, so set your expectations accordingly.

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