Users Return Apple Vision Pro: Problems, Reasons and the Future

  • Apple allegedly sold 200,000 Vision Pro units during the first weeks of availability.
  • It’s worth remembering that the first-gen Vision Pro was meant for developers and those that wanted access to cutting-edge tech.
  • Even with some shortcomings, the future looks bright for the Vision Pro.
apple vision pro returning

Reports are coming in that Vision Pro users are returning the device to Apple Stores. With this being quite early in the life-cycle of the device, some may be wondering why so many are looking to take the device back already. Let’s explore some reasons why this may be happening, and ultimately look at if the Vision Pro is right for you.

Folks Upset with Vision Pro Return It to Apple Store

Currently, the Apple Vision Pro has only been in the U.S. market for just under two weeks. While there have been a variety of articles touting the power and uses of the new device, early reports are also coming in that many users are returning the device to the Apple Store. According to Dexerto, several high-profile journalists and influencers are making the return, with some citing some solid reasoning. Many users on Reddit are stating that they plan on returning the device as well.

Why Are So Many Apple Fans Returning the Vision Pro?

Many Apple fans are returning the Vision Pro for a variety of reasons, including buyers finding a lack of reasons to use the device, hardware/software issues, and the price of the Vision Pro. While you may see popular videos of the terminally online pretending to wear the device as they drive a Cybertruck, many who purchased the device are determining that it isn’t for them.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people are returning the Vision Pro.

1. The Price

The most likely reason folks are returning the Vision Pro is the price. With a bill hovering around $3,500 plus tax just to walk out the Apple Store with the machine is likely giving people buyer’s remorse. With such a high price point, certain online users are already making plans to purchase the device only to return it later. While this is a bit selfish as it potentially stops someone who wants the device from purchasing it (and you can demo the device in-store), it’s to be expected with such an expensive and high-profile piece of tech.

While folks don’t have to give a reason when returning a device, I’m willing to wager it’s likely due to them (or a significant other) getting cold feet on the price tag. Compound this issue with some of the additional problems below, and it’s easy to get the sense why many are returning the Vision Pro.

2. Cumbersome Design

Though there is a lot of tech packed into the Apple Vision Pro, including an 8-core M2 CPU and more sensors than security at a bank, the company may have had a hard time packing all of these features into a manageable device. Many users, especially on Reddit are claiming that the device is too heavy to wear for extended periods of time.

Considering the device can weigh between 21.2-22.9 ounces (or 1.33-1.41 pounds), this may be enough weight to cause stress on the necks of certain users. While around a pound and a half doesn’t seem like a lot, you’re likely going to start noticing it after wearing the device for an extended period of time.

Of course, this doesn’t include the battery, which brings us to my next point:

3. Battery Can Leave a Lot to be Desired

By now, anyone curious in the Vision Pro should be aware that the battery is separate from the device. I already covered the battery extensively awhile back, including some of the pros and cons on why it may be a good thing that the battery is separate. Nonetheless, some users are likely to feel let down by the 35.9 Wh (watt-hour) battery being tethered and external.

However, despite these shortcomings with the battery, some users are experiencing better battery life than what was advertised. Of course, many are also planning on purchasing an additional battery as well. While two hours of promised battery life isn’t a lot, it seems most people are preparing for this, though those that didn’t are likely to be upset and return it.

4. It May Be Pointless . . . for Now

A big drawback right now for the Vision Pro is that many are having a hard time determining a purpose for the device. Even a review by The New York Times points out this problem, and extends their complaints further by pointing out that sharing the device with others can be a problem. While you can have a guest profile, you’re unable to create separate profiles for members of your family or friends.

There is also the problem that it may not be winning over developers like originally intended. For example, Netflix views Apple as streaming competition, and other streaming platforms are shy to enter the world of the Vision Pro. Personally, I think this is a short-term problem, though it is certainly something Apple may want to worry about with early adopters. Let’s not forget that the Vision Pro rolled out with over 600 available apps, and more are arriving every day.

5. The List Goes On

Considering some folks are probably starting to get the picture, I won’t go too much more in-depth concerning reasons why people might be returning the Apple Vision Pro. However, I’ve yet to cover that many are unhappy with the virtual display or the fact that the outward display can make some users feel outright goofy.

This also doesn’t even begin to cover certain issues that we here at TMO have taken a look at. This includes issues such as users complaining about a grey box covering the screen, being unable to use a Bluetooth mouse with the device and even certain developers being hesitant to bring anything to the device. Outside of TMO, there is also the issue that many are unhappy with how the iPhone integrates with the device. It also doesn’t help that you need an iPhone to fully immerse yourself with the Vision Pro.

While there may be a good number of reasons for users to return the device, I think there are some things that are worth considering.

Should I Buy the Apple Vision Pro?

Despite pouring over a list of reasons why people may return the Vision Pro, I believe it’s still important to remember that this is emerging tech from Apple. Even back in 2022, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Quo was predicting that Apple will offer a cheaper model in the second-generation. For those that follow Apple products closely, they are likely aware that the first-gen Vision Pro was merely a means to get the device into the hands of developers and the truly dedicated. However, it is unfortunate that casual Apple fans may be unhappy with this.

At the end of the day, be aware that you’re spending big money to be a part of bleeding-edge tech. Perhaps Apple could have been a bit clearer about the Vision Pro having a rocky road ahead of it, but when you’re spending $3500+ on a device, it pays to do your research. Remember that any problems the device may have now will likely see fixes in future generations and device updates.

You should also know that you can try the device at the Apple Store. While this isn’t the same as experimenting with typical everyday use, it can still give you a good idea of what to expect from the Vision Pro.

Can I Return the Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, you can return the Apple Vision Pro within fourteen days of purchase. Users can return their device to an Apple Store, online or through 1-800-MY-APPLE.

At the end of the day, there’s a lot of potential in the Vision Pro, but know what you’re getting into with the first generation of the device. If you’re looking for something that is going to be as easy to access, navigate and enjoy with tons of apps like the iPhone, you may be in for a rude awakening. Otherwise, if you know the facts and can spend the money, enjoy your new Vision Pro.

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