How to Restart Apple Vision Pro

How to Restart Apple Vision Pro

You can restart your Apple Vision Pro if the device is unresponsive or facing any error. This restart will eventually fix any software bugs and flush out any other errors. Here is a quick guide to help you restart the Vision Pro.

How To Restart Apple Vision Pro

This works perfectly when the Vision Pro is not responsive and force quitting the apps also isn’t working for you.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Check out the steps you need to restart Apple Vision Pro:

  1. Press and hold the left top button and the Digital Crown together

  2. Keep holding it until the Power Button slider appears in front of you.

  3. Then, pinch and drag the button to your right using your index finger and thumb.

  4. This will turn off the device.

To restart it, press and hold the left top button for 3 seconds, and your device will start again. It might take about a minute for you to hear the sound of the device starting up.

How to Force Restart Apple Vision Pro

Now, if the above method does not seem to work for you and your Vision Pro still is not responding, you can try a Force Restart.

Here is how you can do it.

  1. Keep holding the left top button and the Digital Crown.
  2. Release the button once the screen goes black.

It will then restart with the Apple logo appearing on the screen. Let us know in the comment section if the above steps worked for you to fix any Vision Pro errors.

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