How to Reset Bluetooth on macOS Monterey

Macs are increasingly reliant on Bluetooth accessories. From earphones and speakers to keyboards and mice or trackpads, consumers love the freedom of going wireless with their accessories. Sometimes, though, Bluetooth glitches. Let’s look at how to reset the Bluetooth module under macOS Monterey.

The Way to Reset Bluetooth Changed with Monterey

In prior macOS versions, you could reset the Bluetooth module by holding Shift > Option, then clicking the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar. This would provide a Debug menu that included an option to reset your Mac’s Bluetooth module.

old reset bluetooth option

In macOS Monterey, that menu disappeared. The need for it, unfortunately, did not. If you begin hearing crackling sounds in your speakers or headphones, resetting the Bluetooth module can help. The same is true if you experience your peripherals frequently disconnecting from Bluetooth.

No more reset Bluetooth option in macOS

Two Methods Left to Reset Your Bluetooth Hardware

In macOS Monterey, there are two options for resetting your Bluetooth hardware. First, try the command line method. Open Applications > Utilities > Terminal, and enter this command:

sudo pkill bluetoothd

This will reset and restart the Bluetooth module in your Mac. Within about five minutes, sometimes less, your devices will reconnect and you can get back to work (or play.)

If that fails to resolve the issue, you may have to go a step further. Open Finder, then click in the menu bar Go > Go to Folder. Type /Library/Preferences/ and then press Return.
The proper file should be highlighted, the plist file for your Bluetooth system. Drag it to the Trash, then reboot your Mac. This will force macOS to rebuild the configuration files for each of your Bluetooth devices.

A Last-Ditch Effort to Resolve Lingering Issues

If none of those methods help, there’s one more thing to try. You can unpair the troublesome device by clicking the x symbol next to it in System Preferences > Bluetooth. Be careful doing this, though, if it’s a keyboard or pointing device acting up. You’ll need another Bluetooth or wired keyboard or mouse to get the glitchy one connected again.

Hopefully, in time, Apple will return the Bluetooth debug menu to its rightful place. If you want to encourage that return, let Apple know though the macOS feedback portal. Just tell them you want the “Reset Bluetooth Module” option back.

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