iOS 11: How to Draw in Mail

iOS 11 Mail in-app drawing tools

If you want to add a quick sketch to an email message you’re crafting on your iPhone or iPad you don’t need to make a trip over to the Notes app first. iOS 11 lets you draw in the Mail app, but it takes a few taps to make it happen.

iOS 11 Mail Add Drawing pop-up menu option
Mail’s Select pop-up (left) also lets you draw in your messages (right)

To make a sketch in Mail, here’s what to do:

  • Launch Mail and start a new message
  • Tap in the message area to show the Select pop-up
  • Tap the pop-up’s right arrow until you see Insert Drawing
  • Tap Insert Drawing
  • Use the markup tools to create you masterpiece
  • Tap Done to add your sketch to your Mail message
  • Tap Insert Drawing
iOS 11 Mail in-line drawing tools
Mail lets you draw in-app (left) and place them in your messages (right)

Now your drawing should appear in your Mail message. There are, however, a couple limitations: You’re limited to the same markup tools you see in the Notes app, and you can’t crop your drawing to get rid of extra white space.

Limitations aside, it’s an easy way to quickly include a sketch to your email messages without needing to use another app and then tack the drawing on as an attachment.

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