Microsoft Officially Drops Office for Mac 2011 Support

Microsoft ends Office 2011 for Mac support and updates

It’s official and right on schedule: Microsoft is no longer offering any support for Office for Mac 2011. That means no updates or bug fixes, and if anything goes wrong or stops working in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or Outlook, you’re on your own.

Microsoft ends Office 2011 for Mac support and updates
Office 2011 for Mac support and updates officially end

It’s no big surprise that Office 2011 support is gone. Microsoft has been warning users the end was coming and made it very clear the official end of line would happen on October 12th, 2017. The company didn’t even bother to test Office 2011 for macOS High Sierra compatibility.

Microsoft suggests upgrading to Office 2016 for Mac, which is the most current version of the office productivity suite.

Ending all forms of support doesn’t, however, mean the apps stop working. Many people are saying Office 2011 is running on their macOS High Sierra Macs, and some are even saying the older Office 2008 runs, too.

If you aren’t comfortable using unsupported software on your Mac and don’t like the idea of upgrading to Office 2016, there are other options. Check out TMO’s suggestions for a few alternatives to Microsoft Office.

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John Kheit

Too bad office 2016 is such a s***show. Maybe they’ll get it right with 2019. 2011is better than 2016, so people will now have insecure software.