How to Disable Autoplay Videos in Google Chrome

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Apple made it easy to block videos that autoplay on websites in Safari on macOS High Sierra, which is awesome. You can do the same in Google Chrome, too, once you know where to look.

To stop autoplay videos in Google Chrome on your desktop or laptop computer, enter this in the URL and search field:

Disable autoplay videos on websites in Google Chrome

Chrome’s hidden settings let you disable autoplay videos

Now change Autoplay policy from Default to Document user activation is required, then click Relaunch Now. Once Chrome starts up again you’ll be able to surf the Web without having to deal with those annoying videos that automatically play when you visit a website or scroll through a page.

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  1. Rick Hyman

    This tip worked better for me than other Chrome tips I have seen. It stopped autoplay in Youtube (which doesn’t seem to respond to its own autoplay settings).

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