How to Reboot Your iPhone X

reboot your iPhone X

The iPhone X will arrive for some folks in a couple of weeks, so we might as well talk about the elephant in the room: how do you shut down the device? You’d think it would be like every other model of iPhone, and just require holding the Side button until the power off slider appears. Nope, holding the Side button on the iPhone X will just activate Siri. As far as I know, Siri won’t be able to reboot your iPhone X, since she can’t do that with any other model. So, here’s what you need to do when it comes time to reboot your iPhone X.

reboot your iPhone X
The iPhone X is apparently so modern, gorgeous, and sleek that Apple doesn’t think you need to reboot it

An Option in Settings to Help Reboot Your iPhone X

New to iOS 11, there’s an option in Settings to shut down your iPhone. This works on all models of the iPhone, so it’s a useful tip even if you aren’t getting an iPhone X. Just go to Settings > General, and scroll all the way down. You’ll see an option labelled Shut Down, which does exactly that.

reboot your iPhone x
This isn’t the easiest way to shut down an iPhone, but it works

Once your iPhone X is powered completely off, you turn it back on using the same button that powers up every other model of iPhone. Hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo, and your device will soon be alive and well.

An Optional Approach, Using Accessibility Settings

If you want a second option, you can always turn on some Accessibility settings. Simply go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch. There, you can enable a “virtual Home button,” but it’s quite a bit more powerful than just that. Go ahead and toggle it on.

reboot your iPhone X
Enabling AssistiveTouch will get you another way to reboot your iPhone X

Once you’ve enabled AssistiveTouch, tap on Customize Top Level Menu.

reboot your iPhone X
Tap Customize Top Level Menu, and you can change which buttons appear in the AssistiveTouch menu

You’ll see a Custom icon; tap on it.

Reboot your iPhone X
Tap the Custom icon to change its assignment

Now, scroll down and find Restart and tap it. That will put a button in your AssistiveTouch screen that restarts your iPhone. You’ll see a “ghost” of a circle overlaid on your iPhone screen at all times. Just tap that icon to bring up the AssistiveTouch menu.

reboot your iPhone X
Now you’ll have a restart button to reboot your iPhone X

No Good Options, but at Least There Are Two

There aren’t any really good options for rebooting an iPhone X, but at least we know of two such choices. When the device ships, we’ll advise you if we find others. For now, it seems like Apple doesn’t want us powering off our iPhone X handsets anymore than they want us to disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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