It’s Summer! Here are 4 Summer Activity Apps For Your Adventures

Summer means a ton of outdoor activities, so we’ve rounded up four summer activity apps to get you started. Except for ViewRanger, I regularly use these apps so I know they’re good.

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Seek by iNaturalist

Screenshots of Seek by iNaturalist in our list of summer activity apps.

iNaturalist, a science platform for naturalists and outdoorsy people, has a new app called Seek. It helps you identify wild animals and plants you may encounter in your adventures. When you take a photo with the app, it will attempt to automatically identify the subject with the help of machine learning. It also gamifies the experience with badges, plus you get cool facts about animals and plants. App Store: Seek – Free

Star Walk 2

Screenshots of Star Walk 2 in our list of summer activity apps.

With Seek, you’ll be looking at the ground a lot, but don’t forget to look up at the sky too. Star Walk 2 is your augmented reality guide to the night sky. You can point your iPhone up to the sky, and get information about stars, planets, constellations, and more. It has 3D models of cosmic objects, information about each one, and real-time celestial body tracking, among other features. App Store: Star Walk 2 – US$2.99

Nike Training Club

Screenshots of Nike Training Club in our list of summer activity apps.

Whether you want that beach bod or just looking for a routine, summer is a great time to exercise. It gives you plenty of different workouts, and you can browse workouts based on muscle category. The app has everything from strength training to yoga, and gives you personalized workout recommendations. App Store: Nike Training Club – Free


Screenshots of ViewRanger in our list of summer activity apps.

ViewRanger is the app for hikers, bikers, and walkers. It gives you thousands of trail guides, lets you download offline maps, and navigate around the wilderness. There’s even an augmented reality feature called Skyline. You hold your iPhone up to the landscape using the camera, and Skyline identifies over 9 million mountain peaks, places, and lakes around the world (but not Alaska for some reason). App Store: ViewRanger – Free

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