Use Sign in With Apple to Access Your Account

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‘Sign-in With Apple’ functionality is becoming increasingly prevalent. One place I recently noticed that uses it is

Sign in With Apple on is the non-self-hosted version of the blogging and website-building software. Users who have sites built with that can now easily access their accounts using Apple’s login tool. Head Select the option labeled Continue with Apple:

Continue With Apple button on screen

The login process then asks you for your Apple ID and password.

This should be a simpler, and more private, way of logging in to

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Thank you, that’s what I really need and looking for word counter


From kids to adults, a majority of the Vidmate population owns an Android device these days.


I used this and I can report that is serving a “fake” email address to WordPress along with your real full name as registered with Apple. I didn’t understand this privacy “feature” so went back to usual login.