Tim Cook: Apple ‘Fundamentally Strong’ in Wake of Coronavirus

Tim cook

In an interview with Fox Business Network’s Susan LI, Tim Cook said that Apple is “fundamentally strong” in the face of COVID-19.

Impact on Business

When asked about COVID-19’s impact on finances, Mr. Cook said that although he’s unsure how it will affect Apple’s second quarter. However, Apple did revise its earnings forecast downward in response to COVID-19.

Things are going pretty much like they thought they would go there in terms of bringing things back, and so it’ll take some time, but by and large we think this is a temporary condition, not a long-term kind of thing. Apple is fundamentally strong, and that’s how I see it.

He almost mentioned that “the future looks very bright” a possible signal that Apple will continue as normal and host WWDC 2020 amid doubts. You can watch the full interview here.

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