watchOS 5: How to Silence Siri

Apple Watch and Siri

When I got my new Apple Watch recently, I had a series of unfortunate stuff happen that meant I couldn’t restore from my old device’s backup (yeah, don’t ask). So I had to go through and redo all of my settings and such. Imagine my surprise when I invoked Siri for the first time on my shiny new device and the voice assistant practically shrieked OK I’LL REMIND YOU in a dead-silent room full of people working.

I still lie awake at night thinking about it.

Silence Siri

There is a way to turn this behavior off, and no, it’s not through muting the Watch. Of course, if you want to silence most sounds, you can do that by swiping up on the watch face to access the Control Center and then tapping the bell to turn Silent Mode on.

Mute Switch on Watch

Unfortunately, though, this doesn’t necessarily shut Siri up, as I discovered. The toggle for whether Siri talks back to you is located within the Watch’s Settings app, so to get there, press the Digital Crown in to open all of your apps, and then find the grey-gear Settings option and tap it.

Settings App on Watch

Within Settings, touch “General”…

General Settings on Watch

…then select “Siri.”

Siri Settings on Watch

If you scroll down a bit on those options, you’ll find the “Voice Feedback” section.

Voice Feedback Settings on Watch

“Always On” is what got me into trouble—this overrides even the mute setting! So if you toggle yours to “Control With Silent Mode” (as I’ve done above) or to “Headphones Only,” you won’t have to lie awake at night thinking about stuff like I do. What an odd world we live in—my electronic voice assistant embarrassed me!

The future is weird.

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This was the first thing I did a while back. Now, if someone can tell me how to make Siri respond to ‘raise to wake’, I’ll be in their debt. And yes, the setting for raise to wake in the Siri setting is turned on.

Lee Dronick

Good tip!