Best Christmas Wallpapers for iPhone in 2024

  • Since we decorate our homes during Christmas, why not decorate our iPhones too?
  • Here are some of the best Christmas wallpapers that offer a festive and decorative touch to your iPhone’s screen.
  • There’s everything ranging from minimal and aesthetic wallpapers to a charcuterie board filled with Christmas treats.
Best Christmas Wallpapers for iPhone in 2023

It would be safe to say that most of us enjoy ourselves during the holiday season. We decorate our homes and personalize them to our liking. Why not personalize your iPhone to match the holiday season by using some of the best Christmas wallpapers for iPhone? If that sounds interesting, read along to download and use the best Christmas wallpapers for iPhone for free.

Download the Best Christmas Wallpapers for iPhone

1. Snowflakes and Trees Wallpaper for iPhone

Snowflakes and Trees Best Christmas Wallpaper for iPhone
Source: Pinterest

Many of us associate snow and Spruce, Fir, or Pine trees with Christmas. When you put them together, regardless of where you live, these two things will remind you of Christmas. Here’s a stunning Christmas wallpaper that combines both snowfall and pine trees in their natural element captured beautifully.

2. Christmas Card Wallpaper for iPhone

Christmas Card Best Christmas Wallpaper for iPhone
Source: Pinterest

When I was younger, we as a family used to send cards to our relatives and friends for Christmas. However, with time we’ve moved to greeting through messages or video calls thanks to technological advancements. If you’re in the same boat, you’ll love this wallpaper which resembles a Christmas card. It also looks like a collage that has everything from a gingerbread house, hot chocolate, a decorated Christmas tree, and more.

3. Christmas Wreath Wallpaper

Christmas Wreath Best Christmas Wallpaper for iPhone
Source: Pinterest

I doubt anyone misses out on the Christmas wreath when decorating their house for Christmas. We always ensure to add a wreath to our door during Christmas. It is a classic decoration with deep meaning. If you love the wreath or not, you will love this Christmas wreath wallpaper that looks basic but is perfect. It would also look great on the iPhone Lock Screen.

4. Christmas Baubles Wallpaper for iPhone

Christmas Baubles Best Christmas Wallpaper for iPhone
Source: Reddit

Christmas Baubles also known as bulbs, globes, bubbles, etc., is yet another iconic Christmas decoration. I’m certain most of us use these to decorate Christmas trees. Here’s a wallpaper of baubles decorated on a Christmas tree in a posh store in northern Europe (according to the user who shared this on Reddit). It is one of the best Christmas wallpapers for your iPhone so go ahead and download and use it right now.

5. Light Trail Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Light Trail Christmas Tree Wallpaper
Source: Reddit

Neon and Minimalist wallpapers don’t always go together. However, here we have a neon red light trail Christmas tree that looks quite minimal. It has the Christmas vibe but isn’t in your face. If that’s what you’re looking for, the light trail Christmas tree is the best Christmas wallpaper for your iPhone.

6. Christmas Tree Wallpaper 

Christmas Tree Wallpaper 
Source: Pinterest

Are you looking for an aesthetic Christmas wallpaper? Your search ends here, with this basic yet elegant Christmas tree wallpaper for your iPhone. The white background with white decorations on the Christmas tree makes it an excellent aesthetic Christmas wallpaper for iPhone.

7. Reindeers, Candy Cane and Santa Wallpaper

Reindeers, Candy Cane and Santa Wallpaper
Source: Pinterest

Rudolf the rednosed reindeer. If you didn’t sing that line, it’s time you start listening to Christmas carols. Here’s a cute Christmas wallpaper with cartoons of Rudolf, Santa, Christmas Stocking, and other lovely things that remind us of the holiday season, especially Christmas. If not for you, add this adorable wallpaper to your children’s iPhones.

8. Decorated Christmas Tree 

Decorated Christmas Tree 
Source: Pinterest

Some of us have big Christmas trees with presents laid below them while some of us have only seen this in the movies. Regardless of which category you fall into, there’s no denying that it looks amazing. Who wouldn’t want to open surprise presents from Santa no matter how old you get? I digress. Here’s a huge Christmas tree wallpaper that looks cozy and comforting just like the holiday season.

9. Christmas Sweets Wallpaper for iPhone

Christmas Sweets wallpaper
Source: Pinterest

Have you thought about a charcuterie board filled with various Christmas sweets and treats? Well, here’s an exact representation of that idea. Go ahead and use this Christmas sweets charcuterie board wallpaper on your iPhone and use it as an inspiration to create your very own Christmas sweets charcuterie board. If you do make one, please share the photo with us and we’ll add it to this article.

10. Merry Christmas Wallpaper for iPhone

Merry Christmas Wallpaper
Source: Pinterest

Finally, here’s a plain and simple Christmas wallpaper with Spruce or Fir trees. There’s also Merry Christmas written on the wallpaper which is just us, the entire TMO team wishing all of your readers a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Use it on your iPhone’s Lock Screen or just share it with others to wish them merry Christmas.  


We hope you got the best Christmas wallpaper for your iPhone from this list. We also wish you a very merry Christmas and hope you’re having the best time with your family and friends.

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