Best Minimalist Wallpapers for iPhone

  • If you’re looking for a minimalist iPhone wallpaper, you’ve come to the right place.
  • We have a collection of minimalist iPhone wallpapers, combining simplicity with visual appeal, all available for free download.
  • The wallpapers include themes like cycling in the mountains, a concrete jungle sunset, sea monsters, and more.
Best Minimalist iPhone Wallpapers

If you’re in love with the minimalist aesthetic, here are some of the best minimalist iPhone wallpapers that you might like. Most of these wallpapers might not be minimalistic in the traditional sense of the word. However, we’ve picked some wallpapers that aren’t too distracting but are also visually pleasing at the same time. So, go ahead and download the best minimalist iPhone wallpapers for free. 

1. Cycling in the Mountains

Cycling in the Mountains
Source: Faisal Arain

Have you ever cycled on the hills? It is extremely difficult pedaling uphill but feels very rewarding going downhill. Also, you get to breathe fresh air and there are only a few things that feel as rewarding as cycling or running early in the morning. 

2. Concrete Jungle Sunset Minimalist iPhone Wallpaper

Concrete Jungle Sunset Minimalist iPhone Wallpaper

Some of us were born and raised in towns with tall skyscrapers. Even though we might love sunsets at the beach or sunrises in the mountains, most of us sunsets are from the balcony of our homes. And, we love them. If you’re looking for a minimal wallpaper with a similar vibe, download the Concrete Jungle wallpaper right away. 

3. Alien Abduction Minimalist iPhone Wallpaper

Alien Abduction Minimalist iPhone Wallpaper
Source: Heroscreen

Aliens are real, aren’t they? I think they are. Let me know if you believe in aliens in the comments. Regardless, here’s a cool wallpaper that depicts an alien abduction. It looks similar to all the stories and movies we’ve heard and watched since our childhood.

4. Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is beautiful. It might be the most picturesque bridge in an urban setting. If you want a minimalist wallpaper of the Golden Gate Bridge, here’s the perfect choice. 

Moreover, after you apply this wallpaper on your iPhone, you can easily switch to different colors using the Color Wash feature on the Lock Screen. 

5. Sea Monsters Minimalist iPhone Wallpaper

Sea Monsters Minimalist iPhone Wallpaper
Source: Heroscreen

It is said that a higher percentage of the moon and Mars have been mapped and studied than our ocean floor. No, it isn’t because scientists are scared of all the animals in the ocean but because the air pressure is too much. 

Regardless of the little we’ve seen and know, the ocean and its beings are majestic and scary at the same time. Here’s a minimalist wallpaper for your iPhone with sharks and octopuses in different shades of blue. 

6. Monstera Leaves Minimalist iPhone Wallpaper

Monstera Leaves Minimalist iPhone Wallpaper

Here’s a minimal wallpaper with very few elements. It looks aesthetic on the Lock Screen and isn’t distracting either. Sunlight through the window and a few monstera leaves on a white background are the only elements in this picture. 

On a side note, another name for this plant is Swiss Cheese Plant. I think it’s because the leaves look similar to Swiss cheese slices. 

7. Chrome Dino Game 

Chrome Dino Game 
Source: Hardh Rathod

If you use Google Chrome, you must have come across the Dino game whenever you lost connection with the internet. It is fun and addicting if you’re competitive with yourself. Also a good way to pass time. 

This wallpaper depicts the same Chrome Dino game but the path ends soon after the next obstacle. If you giggled looking at it (I did), get it right away. 

8. Daytime Moon 

Daytime Moon 

Have you seen the moon during the day? Most of you might have. It is sometimes visible during the day because of the same reason it is visible during the night. Reflecting light off the Sun. The only difference is that it is closer to the Earth. 

If you want a minimalist iPhone wallpaper of a Daytime moon, this is a great option. 

9. Purple Twilight 

Purple Twilight 

We are not certain if this qualifies as a minimalist wallpaper. However, it doesn’t have too many distracting elements, so we’ve added it to the list. Glass buildings all around reflect the purple twilight from the sky and a silhouette of an aeroplane flying up there.

10. Perfection is Boring Minimalist iPhone Wallpaper

The last minimalist wallpaper might just be the best. It features a gradient background with a message at the bottom corner. The message is within a rectangle in a funky font and it reads, “Perfection is Boring.” 

When one strives for perfection, one might not enjoy the process of getting perfect. The journey should be as enjoyable as the destination, which is what I believe in. Also, isn’t perfection a myth? 


We hope you found the best minimalist iPhone wallpapers in this guide. If you like customising the Lock Screen, you should also check out our Depth Effect Wallpapers article. Or, if you have an iPhone with Dynamic Island, we have an article with some of the most creative Dynamic Island wallpapers that help hide this notch.  

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