iPod Classic Bluetooth Adapters: 5 Best Options in 2024

iPod Classic gen 4

The iPod Classic, with its iconic click wheel, is an underrated device that few people still use today. However, its large storage and simple navigation make it the perfect device to store music on. While you may be better off using a new iPhone for day-to-day listening, an old iPod Classic has great potential when connected to a Bluetooth adapter.

Best iPod Classic Bluetooth Adapter

The iPod Classic had no internet or Bluetooth connectivity, making it incompatible with many of the stereos available today. Additionally, it used Apple’s proprietary 30-pin connector, which is no longer supported. The solution is to use one of these Bluetooth adapters to connect an iPod Classic to a modern speaker.

1. Best low-profile iPod Classic Bluetooth Adapter: KOKKIA i10_Pro

Kokkia Pro iPod Classic Bluetooth Adapter

The KOKKIA i10_Pro is one of the best iPod Classic Bluetooth adapters available. It connects directly to the iPod’s 30-pin connector, which actually gives it a firm connection. More importantly, the KOKKIA i10_Pro is very low-profile.

The compact design makes it a great choice for runners and athletes since it easily fits in a pocket. The KOKKIA i10_Pro can even connect to the latest AirPods, Bluetooth headphones, or speakers. Unfortunately, it is one of the more expensive options, but it provides a much better signal than cheaper alternatives.

2. Best high-end iPod Classic Bluetooth Adapter: Sony TMR-BT8iP

Sony 30-pin iPod Classic Bluetooth Adapter

Next up is Sony’s TMR-BT8iP Bluetooth adapter. This is one of the few Bluetooth adapters for the iPod Classic that a major audio company made. Sony is well-known for its audio products, and this one is no exception. It is considered the gold standard for iPod classic owners. However, it is difficult to find, and prices for a used adapter can exceed $200.

The Sony adapter uses the iPod Classic’s 30-pin connector but is a little bulky. The adapter is over a decade old, so it doesn’t have as good of a range as newer adapters. As long as you keep the iPod near the Headphones or speaker, it offers better audio quality than most adapters made today.

3. Best long-range iPod Classic Bluetooth Adapter: Auris Blume Duo

Auris Blume Duo standalone iPod Classic Bluetooth Adapter

People looking for the absolute best range should consider the Auris Blume Duo. This impressive adapter offers Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities along with HiFi audio that is sure to delight audiophiles. However, it does come at a higher price than most iPod Classic owners are likely willing to spend. Another feature that makes the Auris Blume Duo stand out is its ability to send and receive Bluetooth signals.

In addition to outputting a signal from an iPod Classic to your favorite earbuds or speakers, you can also connect it to an old stereo to play music from an iPhone. It also has a small LCD screen that provides information like battery life and connectivity status. One downside to its long-range is that the Auris Blume Duo is pretty large.

4. Best iPod Classic Bluetooth Adapter for Cars: UGREEN Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

Ugreen 3.5mm iPod Classic Bluetooth Adapter

An affordable iPod Classic adapter to use in your car is the UGREEN Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver. This multipurpose adapter is a little different than the ones covered so far. Instead of connecting to the iPod Classic’s 30-pin port, it goes straight into the 3.5mm headphone jack. The result is a slightly bulkier design and a slightly diminished audio quality compared to adapters that connect directly to the 30-pin port.

However, these are not major concerns for use in a car, and its low price makes it an excellent purchase. More importantly, the adapter also has a USB port for easy charging since it relies on its own battery. Another nice feature is that it can also receive a Bluetooth signal, so you can plug it into your car’s auxiliary port and connect your phone wirelessly.

5. Best iPod Classic Bluetooth Adapter with Charger: Soomfon Bluetooth 5.0 AUX Adapter

Soomfon 3.5mm iPod Classic Bluetooth Adapter

The iPod Classic is pretty old, which means the batteries don’t last as long as they used to. The best Bluetooth adapter that also lets you charge simultaneously is the Soomfon Bluetooth 5.0 AUX Adapter. The adapter relies on the 3.5mm auxiliary port, so you can still connect a charger to the 30-pin connector underneath.

Unfortunately, no 30-pin Bluetooth adapters also support charging, so the Soomfon is the next best solution. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology makes the connection very reliable, up to 10 meters. There are even pause and volume control buttons. The Soomfon supports both transmitting and receiving Bluetooth signals. The built-in battery will last up to 16 hours with an iPod Classic.

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