How to Turn on Apple Pay Express Transit Mode in iOS 13

On Tuesday, London became the latest city to have Apple Pay Express Transit mode. It is designed to help users get through ticket barriers at stations quicker. It is really useful and very easy to turn on.

Select Your Express Transit Card

Express Transit Mode originally arrived with iOS 12.3. The principle for using it remains the same in iOS 13 – select a card you want to use for travel.

  1. Go to Settings – Wallet & Apple Pay
  2. Select Express Travel Card
  3. Chose which card in your Apple Pay Wallet you want as your travel card.

When that’s done, Apple Pay will automatically charge to that card when you put your phone on the reader at stations that support the service. No Touch ID, Face ID or passcode is required. Furthermore, users do not need to open the Wallet app or be connected to a network. All that is required is that your iPhone or Apple Watch is switched on. Express Transit mode provides a much smoother travel experience.

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