7 Great Apple Watch Social Networking Apps

The iPhone made it easy to keep on top of your social networks on the go, and the Apple Watch promises to make that even more convenient. TMO rounded up some of our favorites just so we could share them with you.

Getting social with Apple Watch appsGetting social with Apple Watch apps


Facebook's Apple Watch app (free) won't replace your iPhone for posting to your feed, but it will let you see notifications when you're tagged in photos. It also alerts you to new friend requests, and lets you view posts from your friends.


You'll still need your iPhone to snap photos, but Instagram (free) on the Apple Watch will let you stay on top of what your friends are posting. You can like photos and leave emoji comments, plus you get notifications without needing to pull your phone out of your pocket.

Check out your Instagram feed on Apple WatchCheck out your Instagram feed on Apple Watch


Twitter (free) for Apple Watch shows recent tweets from the people you follow, along with top trends. You can post tweets, retweet, favorite, and reply from your wrist, and the app includes gestures for quickly posting your location or the song you're currently listening to.

Follow your Twitter stream from your wristFollow your Twitter stream from your wrist

Twitterrific 5

If Twitter's own app isn't your style, Twitteriffic 5 (free) has you covered. The app shows the current unread tweet count, retweet and favorite numbers, and new follower stats. With the US$1.99 Push Notifications in-app purchase, you also get notifications for mentions, replies, and Direct Messages, plus support for using Siri dictation to create new tweets and reply to mentions and Direct Messages.


Meetup (free) is great for finding interesting events and groups that share your interests. The Apple Watch version of the app lets you find events and keep track of the meet ups you're planning on attending.


Pinterest's (free) social bookmarking service takes in interesting twist on Apple Watch. Instead of loading your wrist with tons of photos, it gives you alerts when you're near something that has been pinned. If you're interested in what you see, the Pinterest app will give you walking directions to the location.

Get alerts for places pinned nearby with the Apple Watch Pinterest appGet alerts for places pinned nearby with the Apple Watch Pinterest app


WeChat (free) lets you make calls and exchange text messages with friends without facing extra charges no matter what country they're in, and you can share photos in your own stream. The Apple Watch version lets you read messages and reply, stay up to date on your friend's activities, and add new friends, too.

Get quick access to your conversations with WeChatGet quick access to your conversations with WeChat

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