Apple Buys Mobile Device Camera Maker LinX Computational Imaging

Apple has purchased LinX Computational Imaging, a company known for its cameras designed for smartphones and tablets. LinX's camera modules are said to offer SLR-quality while still fit inside mobile devices, which could be a sign we'll get even better photos from future iPhone and iPad models.

Get ready for better iPhone cameras thanks to Apple's LinX purchaseGet ready for better iPhone cameras thanks to Apple's LinX purchase

The mobile device camera systems LinX designs use a combination of sensors and proprietary algorithms to capture images as well as determine depth, which makes it possible to build three dimensional image maps. That means Apple could build an iPhone that not only offers superior image quality, but also images with a realistic depth of field, and potentially even adjustable focus after photos have been captured.

LinX's camera sensors are also better at capturing images in low light conditions. While the iPhone 6 is much better at dealing with low light compared to its predecessors, higher photo quality in low light conditions would be a welcome improvement.

The deal cost Apple around US$20 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. So far, there hasn't been any confirmation on exactly how much Apple paid for the company.