iPhone 4/4S, iPad Dominate Enterprise Activations in 4Q11

Good Technology, whose products help IT departments secure mobile devices, this week released a report in which it said that the iPhone 4 and 4S “strongly dominated activations in the enterprise for Q4 2011. The mid-October release of the iPhone 4S caused smartphone activations to skyrocket month over month, while Android’s percentage of total smartphone activations remained steady.”

Good said that overall, the iPhone 4S accounted for 31 percent of all activations in the quarter, and noted that all iOS devices, including the iPad, accounted for over 70 percent, a small increase over Q3. (Readers should note that Good is only referring to the activations across its customer base, although it says in the report that that amounted to “thousands of corporate and government organizations, each with at least five activated devices.”)

The iPad saw a resounding 94 percent of all tablet activations in 4Q11, with Android left with just a 6 percent sliver. Financial Services, Business/Professional Services, and Life Sciences were the three sectors that activated the most iPads, Good said.

Good also noted that holiday season sales are not reflected in its report, so it expects “a surge of activations in Q1 2012 as employees bring the phones they received over the holidays to work for their IT departments to secure.”