OS X and iOS: Private Browsing, Quickly

So you want to start a private browsing session to keep your web history a secret and stuff. What’s the fastest way to do so? Well, on the Mac, you’d normally open Safari and either choose File > New Private Window or press its associated keyboard shortcut (Shift-Command-N), right?

Well, it turns out that if Safari’s running, you can also start a new private window without having to switch to the app or anything. Just right-click or press and hold on its Dock icon, and you’ll see that option.

For you non-Safari folks out there, Chrome and Firefox’s Dock icons can do this with their own versions of private browsing, too.

On iOS, it’s easy as pie if your device is new enough to support 3D Touch. Press with a bit of force on Safari’s icon, and you can quickly open a private tab.

If you can’t use 3D Touch, you’ll need to go the long way around—touch the “Tabs” icon within Safari, and then tap “Private” on the following screen.

But then your searches will be secret, your history won’t be saved, and no one will ever find out what sites you visited! Well, except your ISP. And the NSA. And…well…let’s agree not to talk about that, shall we? I’m getting depressed.