What You Really Need Is an iPad mini Stand that Looks Like an Old TV

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Long time readers of The Mac Observer probably noticed a long time ago that we have a certain fondness for old, retro TVs-the more antenna, the better, amiright? Well, we use Photoshop to make our TVs, but Jeffrey Stephenson of Jeffrey Stephenson Design uses a different medium for his, wood.

And, working in the real world, he used his skills with wood to make something practical, a stand for an iPad mini called DuMont. The screen on your iPad mini is (obviously) the television screen, but Mr. Stephenson was even more clever by building in room for a Jawbone Bluetooth speaker that fits behind the speaker grill.

Totally cool!

Slide It In

Slide It In (TWSS)

Have a Coke™

Have a Coke™ (for Perspective)

Make It Go!

Now, Make It Go!

In addition to the gallery he posted on his website, Mr. Stephenson also posted more construction photos on a case mod forum.

Check out his other work, too. He has a ton of computer modding projects, including computer cases that look like Art Deco sculptures, radios, furniture, humidors, and more. They're phenomenal, and he has detailed photo galleries of each project.


Jeffrey Stephenson' Awesome Case Mods

[Via DesignTaxi]

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Lee Dronick

Add a little set of rabbit ears on top. smile


Would this look cooler with the space gray mini with the black bezel?

Bryan Chaffin

ibuck, I think it’s obvious it would look better on my desk…I LOVE this guy’s work.

But yeah, the black iPad mini would work even better. smile

BTW, it was Lee that turned me on to this.

Lee Dronick

  ibuck, I think it’s obvious it would look better on my desk…I LOVE this guy’s work.

Yes, he is quite the craftsman and artist.

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