iLuv Vyneer Case for iPhone 6: Fashion, Protection and Transparency

Some iPhone cases are designed for robust protection, but others can meet the needs of the average user in a fairly benign environment. The iLuv Vyneer for iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) is the latter: an excellent case that affords protection with style. And it lets the color of the iPhone shine through.


Not every iPhone case does everything. Some are designed for almost total protection, like the OtterBox Defender. Others provide very good drop protection and are designed to work with mobile accessories, like the Rokform Sport v3. Rather than use an absolute list of boxes to check, I evaluate each case on how well it achieves its goals and how well it's designed. The iLuv Vyneer excels in all areas.


Polycarbonate base, TPU edges for grip and drops.

Features and Pros

  • The weight is minimal: 20.8 grams (0.73 ounces)
  • It has dual layer protection: a polycarbonate base and a TPU frame. The TPU texture gives it a very good grip.
  • The mute, volume and Sleep ports are left open and are, thereby, easy to press. Some tougher cases cover the volume and Sleep buttons, making then a bit tough on the fingers.
  • The bottom ports, Lightning, speaker and microphone are left open, but the tough TPU around the ports doesn't deform when you remove the case. This is good design.
  • Inserting the iPhone 6 into the case is easy and secure, but the TPU gives just enough to easily remove the iPhone. Still, I'd do that over a rug and not a hard floor in case the iPhone jumps out of your hand as you pry it loose.
  • There is a raised edge on the front so that when you place the iPhone face down, the display is recessed and protected.
  • The back is only slightly tinted in three of the four models (black, blue and pink). The fourth is clear. All of the models let the iPhone's native color show through on the back and around the edges.
  • The design is minimalist and attractive. Only what needs to be there is present.

There are no significant cons to this case given that you accept the level of protection afforded.


The package is a high quality, tough, paper and plastic box. A hole in the plastic cover allows the prospective customer to feel the texture of the case. The labeling on the back is clear and extensive, if a bit small. The package is clearly labeled, and information about how to contact iLuv is provided.

Back of the packaging.

The warranty is one year for parts and 90 days for labor and is clearly spelled out on the iLuv website.

Usage Notes

I like this case a lot. It's easy to put on a take off. There's a corresponding version for the iPhone 6 Plus. I like the soft metal snick and feel of the iPhone's aluminum buttons on my fingers. However, it's up to the customer to decide if leaving those buttons exposed is a risk or a feature.

Transparency in design.

This case is minimal in that it doesn't make the iPhone 6 a lot bigger than it already is. That means that it easily fits in my new, slightly larger belt holster and slides out easily as I push through the opening on the bottom. It's just thick enough to protect the iPhone 6 camera lens extension. The black version I was sent beautifully matches the black edges of my Space Gray iPhone 6.

Final Thoughts

In my judgment, customers who don't subject their iPhone to hostile conditions, but who want modest scratch and drop protection and minimalist style will find this case to be a great choice.

This case will suit people who are proud of their iPhone 6, probably pamper it, and want to make sure others see its colors and that Apple logo on the back. From a distance, the case almost invisible.

Minimalist, almost invisible when color matched.

Finally, this case, is not all that expensive compared to many other cases. At US$19.99, it's very much a steal. No matter what case you select, I'd recommend having this one in addition for an evening at the theater.

Because the designers have a great sense of aesthetics and minimalism, because of the choice of materials, excellent fit and finish, because it lets the iPhone color show through, because it has no negatives, and because it is very reasonably priced, it earns a 4.5/5 rating.

Product: Vyneer for iPhione 6 or 6 Plus

Company: iLuv

List Price: US$19.99



Thin, almost invisible. Great design aesthetics. Lets iPhone's color show through. Good grip. Multiple material approach. Easy to apply and remove. All ports accessible. Four attractive colors. Excellent price.


None noted.