OtterBox’s Reflex Case Is Tough And Polished

OtterBox has been making cases for cell phones since 1998, and they are known for the rugged toughness of their cases. It is usually the first thing people think of when they hear the name. These are the preferred cases for people like construction workers, policemen/women, firefighters, and anyone else who carries a cell phone in areas where they need extra protection. The first one I ever saw looked and felt as if it had been made from a tire.

They also design cases for the ordinary klutz. We know who we are. We bump into tables, drop things and trip a lot. The Reflex case for iPhone 4 is for us. It combines tough protection with style and polish.

Otterbox Reflex iPhone 4 case

The Reflex case is compact, lightweight and fairly slim. It surrounds the iPhone 4 with a cushion of air. The composition of the case gives on impact, like the crumple zone of a car, but then rebounds to its original form. It snaps apart for easy loading and to allow for convenient docking access. It comes in glacier blue plastic and black silicone, hot pink plastic and black silicone, black, and envy plastic and black silicone. The MSRP is US$44.95 and there is a one year limited warranty.

Using the Product 

I carried the Otterbox Reflex case for two weeks to see how it held up to my klutziness. Dedicated as I am to my responsibilities as a reviewer, I did not purposely throw my phone on the floor. There is only so far that I will go. The phone did fall off my bed once, out of my purse onto a table once, and it was knocked off my desk onto the floor once. Both the case and the phone are doing just fine. 

The two parts of the case are very secure, but come apart easily when needed.

Do I recommend it?

I do. It gives the trustworthy Otterbox protection with an attractive design. It is also easy to use.

Product: Reflex Cases for iPhone 4

Company: OtterBox

List Price: US$34.95



Case is compact, lightweight and fairly slim while providing excellent protection for the iPhone 4.



None noted.