Satechi's 10-Port USB 3 Hub Is Worth The Price

Satechi makes accessories for our computers and other digital equipment, and the company can be relied on to create innovative devices that work. The new 10-Port hub is one of those devices.

Satechi 10-port hub

I enjoy getting items to review from Satechi because I can count on something that is interesting and useful. This hub has useful features that I have not previously seen. I am aware of some excellent battery chargers that will host iPads along with iPhones, iPod touches, etc., but this is my first experience with a hub that serves both products, along with other accessories like printers, cameras, and external hard drives.

iPad connection feature

The hub is uniquely designed with three switches that control each group of three USB 3.0 ports; each group of three is lit with a blue LED when powered on, as well as a separate LED for each port when a device is in use.

LED indicators

Equipped with a power supply, the Satechi 10-Port USB 3.0 hub guarantees electric current stability and the effective operation of connected USB devices.

Three switches let you control the power of three groups of USB 3.0 ports. There is a separate on/off switch for the iPad connection. The iPad port is designed for the iPad only and does not pull power from the other ports so connecting your iPad does not effect the efficiency of the other nine ports. The product is 8.69 x 1.75 x 1.06-in (22 x 4.5 x 2.7-cm), and carries a one year warranty. The package includes the hub, a power supply (5V, 5A), a 40-in (101.6 cm) USB cable, and a 3M strip that can be used to hold it in place.

Package contents

Satechi recommends that no more than three external hard drives be connected to the hub at one time. This will provide maximum efficiency because the hub contains three chipsets (one chipset can operate one external hard drive efficiently). The three external hard drives should be connected to the first three ports on the hub (closest to the power source). The following image illustrates the features of the hub.

Hub features

Using the Product

Using a hub is an easy thing to do. You just plug it in and then plug in your accessories. What makes this one different is the three switches that control three sets of three USB connectors. I really like the lights that are included with this product. There is no question that the connectors are available. Nor is there any question concerning each individual port. If it is working properly the additional LED light confirms that as well. It is nice to have nine ports, ready to use, and located on top of a rectangular box. It is easy to reach each port. The iPad port is a big bonus. As I noted previously, I have never seen a hub with this feature and it is a cool feature. I like that it is on the end and will not be confused with the other ports.

I also like the size. It is big enough to hold all the ports without crowding, but it is not a huge addition to my desk. I was able to replace two hubs with this one and find that it is more efficient than the ones I replaced. Granted they were 2.0 hubs so would not be as fast, but the difference of needing only the one would be a benefit even if it was only a 2.0 hub.

In my title for this review I said this product is worth the price, and I repeat that belief. The MSRP for the 10-Port hub is US $69.99, but it is currently available on the Satechi web site for US$59.99.

Do I recommend it?

I do. I am very impressed with this product and think it will be an asset to anyone who relies on hubs on a daily basis. I also feel confident recommending a Satechi product.

Product: 10-Port hub

Company: Satechi

List Price: US$69.99



USB 3.0 hub offers ten ports, one of which is for iPads. The iPad port works independent of the regular ports. The hub contains 3 chipsets which increases efficiency. It utilizes LED lights to signify active ports. It is attractive and easy to use.


None noted.