Oral-B Demonstrates the Latest in Connected Mouth Care at CES

Oral-B Demonstrates the Latest in Connected Mouth Care at CES

Almost nobody enjoys brushing their teeth. Few people properly handle oral care, but we also don’t want the pain and discomfort of cavities or tooth extractions. Colgate introduced the idea of a “smart toothbrush” four years ago at CES. Now, Oral-B, long a leader in the industry, is at CES showcasing the latest in connected mouth care.

Personalized Oral Care and Coaching

The renowned toothbrush maker launched its latest product, Oral-B iO10 with iOSense. The award-winning iO technology Oral-B introduced in 2020 is stepped up a notch. This rechargeable electric toothbrush provides real-time insights into the condition of your teeth and gums without looking at your phone.

With a clock and a timer to help you brush for the dentist-recommend two minutes, the new iO10’s charging base can provide you with live coaching to guide your time, pressure, and coverage while you brush, without your phone. After you’ve finished, the toothbrush synchronizes your progress with the app on your iPhone to give even more detailed analysis and tips.

More Accessible Options for Connected Mouth Care

Oral-B also introduced the iO4 and iO5 toothbrushes. These new products enable more people to get better oral health results at home by improving brushing habits and providing a powerful clean. Each brush features multiple brushing modes to personalize cleaning, with rainbow celebration lights upon the completion of brushing for two minutes and refill LED reminders directly on the handles. The iO5 can also provide users with real-time coverage tracking and coaching via the Oral-B app.

Finding the Newest Oral-B Mouth Care Products

The iO4 and iO5 will be available later this year for less than US$100. The iO10 will follow sometime in 2022, but you can join the VIP waitlist for more information on availability.

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  • I’m sorry but the idea of a WiFi enabled, internet connected toothbrush is the silliest idea ever. Seriously it sounds like something The Onion would have dreamed up.

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