CES – Colgate Introduces AI-Powered Smart Toothbrush

Colgate revealed the world’s first toothbrush powered by artificial intelligence. The smart toothbrush is an Apple exclusive and works with ResearchKit. It gives you real-time feedback to improve brushing habits and prevent tooth problems early on. It was designed with input from dentists.

GIF of the Colgate Connect app that powers its smart toothbrush.

Smart Toothbrush

Powered by smart device company Kolibree, the smart toothbrush is available starting today at Apple.com and in select Apple retail stores, for US$99.95. Officially called the E1 toothbrush, features include:

  • Automatic data uploading via Bluetooth
  • Sonic vibrating technology
  • 10-day battery life
  • Colgate Connect app

Speaking about the product, Dr. Patricia Verduin, CTO of Colgate-Palmolive, said:

Our goal is simple. We want people to have their healthiest smiles by brushing their best.┬áThe first step to improving brushing is to understand consumers’ brushing habits, and Apple ResearchKit has proved to be a powerful tool for this.

The toothbrush maps your mouth using the AI to help you brush effectively in 16 zones of the mouth. Using the app, it coaches you through brushing sessions, and points out sections where you might need to focus on during brushing. The AI learns and adapts to you the more you use it.

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