Zagg Rugged Folio Keyboard/Case for iPad mini: Polycarbonate and Steel

The Rugged folio Bluetooth iPad mini (or iPad mini with Retina display) case from Zagg, has a keyboard, gives all kinds of protection, and provides up to two years use on a single battery charge.

Zagg Rugged Folio case for iPad mini.

The case, which is quite durable, is composed of tough polycarbonate inlaid with durable silicone over a stainless steel plate. A magnetic trough secures the iPad at virtually any angle when using with the keyboard.

View of closed case.

The iPad mini, wearing the protective case top, can easily be removed from the keyboard for separate use. The user simply lifts it away from the magnetic trough.

View of magnetic trough.

The keyboard is backlit which is a nice touch. The case weighs one pound, 3 ounces (0.54 kg) and is 1.78 inches (4.5 cm) thick. The case battery will last up to two years on a single charge based on regular use of one hour per day. The package includes a microUSB to USB charging cable and an owner’s manual. The MSRP for this iPad mini case is US$139.99.

image 3Backlit keyboard.

Using The Product

Pairing the case with your iPad mini is simple and only has to be done once. Easy to follow instructions are found in the manual. The iPad mini must be inserted into the top part of the case before the top and the keyboard are connected via the magnetic trough. Likewise, before removing the iPad mini from the case, it should again be removed from the magnetic trough. It is easy to insert and remove the iPad mini from the top part of the case, it just pops in and out.

Case separated.

There are 20 special function keys that will do things like instantly take you to your home screen, open Siri, toggle between international keyboards, and play your music. The keyboard is small — as required for an iPad mini case, but the keys are raised, and I found it fairly simple to touch type using it. All the special function keys are clearly marked and some of them are really cool extras.  

The case will start shipping Aug 15th to 22nd.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. This is one cool case with lots of features. At $139.99 it is expensive, but the extra features make up for that in my opinion. Some of my favorite features are the ability to remove the iPad mini from the case base while still keeping it protected by the upper part of the case, the battery life, and the special function keys. I also appreciate how sturdy it is. 

Product: Rugged Folio case for iPad mini

Company: Zagg

List Price: US$139.99



Sturdy case can be taken apart and reassembled via the magnetic hinge. The iPad mini remains protected by the top part of the case when separated from the keyboard. The battery life is up to two years between charging. The keyboard is backlit. Twenty special function keys offer great options for users. A stainless steel plate adds protection.


None noted.