Apple TV+ Free Trial Extended Again

Apple has again extended the free trial period for Apple TV+, 9to5 Mac reported. Any subscription set to expire between now and June 2021 will now reportedly not expire until July. (For the record, I signed up for the service at launch in November 2019, and at the time of this writing, my account still said I would be billed in February 2021.)

Dont Pay for Apple TV+ Until July

The latest move means that customers who got the original free year back in November 2019 will have had Apple TV+ free for nine-months longer than they expected. In October 2020, Apple announced that people would not have to start paying until February. As was the case before, those paying monthly will get $4.99 back as store credit with the latest extension. This is also true for those signed up to an Apple One bundle.

What’s the Plan?

I have to say, I do not quite get the strategy here. The first three months made sense –  a goodwill gesture with production delayed, ending around the time people might sign up for the new bundles. However, there is at least some new content on the way, with season two Dickinson already airing, and For All Mankind and some movies not far behind. Presumably, the company also wants sign-ups to the Apple One, but making one of the key services free for a few more months surely deters people? The bottom line is that eventually users are going to be asked to pay for Apple TV+, but the longer they regard it as a ‘free’ service, the harder that becomes.

7 thoughts on “Apple TV+ Free Trial Extended Again

  • Proof the numbers are crap that they are forced to do this. I also dumped the service before renewal. The programming is too ‘woke’ and tailored only for one demographic and not a broader one.

    I’d rather burn my money than watch what they offer.

      1. Did I say that? No I didn’t, If I came off as snarky, well then that is a two way street.

        You are free to watch any programing you want, providing it is available

      2. Thanks for you explaining what I’m free to do. 🙄 Apple+ is a pile of crap in programming. It’s non inclusive and tunnel vision woke ideology only. It’s the definition of intolerance and insularity. Hive minds that see this as no problem are expressive of what they are.

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