Is It Worth Having AppleCare for Apple Watch in 2024?

Apple Watch

An Apple Watch places all of the convenience of an iPhone on a wearer’s wrist. However, leaving these small devices out in the open poses a significant damage risk. Apple Watch owners can rest easier by purchasing Apple Care coverage. While AppleCare covers the device in the event of damage, it comes at a pretty high cost.

What Does AppleCare Cover?

AppleCare provides coverage for the Apple Watch, along with the included band and charger. It serves as an extended warranty for the device and accessories. Some common failures include the touchscreen or the scroll wheel not responding. However, it also includes accidental damage protection against things like a broken screen, band, or water damage.

How Much Does AppleCare Cost for Apple Watch?

The cost for AppleCare varies greatly between models. AppleCare for the cheapest Apple Watch is just $49, while the most expensive is $149. AppleCare includes two years of protection on most devices, with the exception of the Apple Watch Hermes, which comes with three years of protection.

Apple Watch owners with AppleCare must also pay a service fee for each incident of accidental damage. Depending on the model, this fee ranges from $69 to $79. Repairs that do not result from accidental damage do not incur this additional fee for service.

Watch ModelPay in FullMonthly
Apple Watch SE$49$2.49
Apple Watch Series 9$79$3.99
Apple Watch Ultra 2$99$4.99
Apple Watch Hermes$149 (3-years of coverage)$4.99

What’s the Difference Between AppleCare and the Standard Warranty?

Damaged Apple Watch Battery Bursting through Face Display
Image Credits: Apple

AppleCare offers some additional benefits over the standard Apple Watch warranty, including an extended coverage period. The most notable difference is that AppleCare covers accidental damage while the standard warranty does not.

If someone falls and breaks their Apple Watch, the standard warranty will not cover the repair. However, AppleCare coverage allows the user to get a replacement watch by simply paying the service fee. People who pay for AppleCare also get priority phone support.

Should You Get AppleCare for an Apple Watch?

AppleCare may not be worth it for many devices, including Macs and iPads. However, the Apple Watch is the one device that you should really consider getting. Most people wear watches all day long, which exposes them to damage.

The Apple Watch is pretty durable, but its glass screen is susceptible to cracking. Therefore, spending a little extra on AppleCare is a pretty good idea. With that in mind, AppleCare comes at a pretty high cost, especially on the cheaper models. It may not make sense to spend over 25% of the purchase price on AppleCare, but you should consider it if you have the extra money.

How to Get AppleCare Coverage for Your Apple Watch

There are two different ways to purchase AppleCare for an Apple Watch. The first is to purchase AppleCare at the time of purchasing the Apple Watch. Existing Apple Watch owners also have the option to purchase AppleCare, but they must do so within 60 days. The easiest way to sign up after purchasing is by purchasing through the connected iPhone in the Settings app.

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