Are Apple Watches Waterproof? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Apple Watches are the perfect companion for iPhone owners. But with so much technology packed into a wrist watch, you have to take some extra precautions that aren’t necessary with a conventional timepiece. One major question surrounding the popular accessory is whether or not Apple Watches are actually waterproof.

Is My Apple Watch Waterproof?

All models of the Apple Watch are water resistant but not waterproof. The device can get reasonably wet and still function without any problems. Water will not enter the casing and damage the sensitive circuits inside. However, several Apple Watch bands, including the Leather Link, Modern Buckle, Magnetic Buckle, Milanese Loop, Link Bracelet, and Hermes bands, are not water resistant.

Which Apple Watches Are Waterproof?

There isn’t a waterproof Apple Watch, but all of them are water resistant to some degree. Even the first-generation Apple Watch was water resistant. However, Apple has greatly improved its water resistance technology since the first model came out. Most notably, the new Apple Watch Ultra is rated for 100 meters.

What Does Water Lock Do on the Apple Watch?

One Apple Watch feature that helps to defend against liquid is Water Lock. It prevents the touch screen from detecting water droplets as an input. The Water Lock feature turns on automatically on compatible devices. Keep in mind that Water Lock only prevents the screen from recognizing inputs and does not do anything to protect the physical hardware.

Is Apple Watch Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

Apple watches are waterproof and not water-resistant. This is an important distinction that means an Apple Watch can get wet without causing any damage. However, it is still susceptible to water intrusion, particularly at low depths. Additionally, Apple watches are only designed to be submerged in water for short and should not be left wet if possible.

Can You Wear an Apple Watch While Swimming or in the Shower?

According to Apple, wearing an Apple Watch while swimming or taking a shower is perfectly safe. You can even wear an Apple Watch Ultra scuba diving up to 130 feet. Sweat also isn’t a problem for the Apple Watch, but you should rinse it off if it comes in contact with saltwater. Finally, the first-generation Apple Watch is not as resistant as later models, and it should not be submerged.

Does AppleCare for the AppleWatch Cover Water Damage?

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The AppleCare limited warranty that comes with the Apple Watch does not cover liquid damage. It only covers defects from the manufacturer. However, an AppleCare+ extended warranty does protect against liquid damage. With AppleCare+, you can send the damaged watch to an Apple repair facility or visit a local retailer for repair or replacement of the water-damaged device.

What to do if an Apple Watch Gets Wet

If your Apple Watch gets any liquid besides water, rinse it off. Then, wipe off the water with a dry rag, but avoid using cleaners. Do not attempt to blow the water out or heat it up. Instead, leave it out in the open to air dry. Although the Apple Watch is water resistant, liquid can cause the speakers and sensors to malfunction. These will go back to normal once all of the water dries out.

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