The 10 Best Pip Boy Apple Watch Faces

The Pip-Boy Face on an Apple Watch

Pip Boy is one of the most recognizable video game characters, and if you’re a big Fallout fan, it’s worth looking at some of the ways you can integrate it into your Apple Watch. You’ll find several Apple Watch faces available. While you’ll need to pay for some of them, there’s no shortage of free options.

The key is knowing where to find the right faces. If you look online, you’ll find a lot of apps that no longer work. And speaking from experience, it’s sometimes difficult to discover customizable faces that you can adjust however you want. 

Fear not, though, because I’ll help you find what you’re looking for. Here’s where to get Fallout-inspired displays for your smartwatch.

1. Pip Boy White

The Pip Boy White Apple Watch Face

Pip Boy White is an Apple Watch face that you’ll find on the Clockology iOS app. This animated watch face features a white background, which is where it gets its name from. Pip Boy animates to give you a thumbs-up through the screen, and you’ll see the time, date, weather, and your battery percentage on the screen. 

You can customize the colors of each widget, and it’s also possible to enable Auto Colors if you want these to change without you doing anything. On top of that, Pip Boy White also makes it possible to alter the width and height of each metric on your page. 

Note icon NOTE
To download Apple Watch faces from Clockology, you’ll need to download the iOS app first.

2. Pip Boy-c

The Pip Boy-c Apple Watch face

Pip Boy-c is a great Apple Watch face if you want your device to look like the interface of a retro video game. Your background will be black and the widgets will show up as green. You’ll see Pip Boy walking in the background, and he’ll also be dressed in green. 

The battery meter is in an “out-of-100” format instead of being percentage-based. You’ll also see other handy metrics, like the amount of calories you’ve burned today and your most recent heart rate. You can edit the images and some colors, but you don’t have as many customization features as the first one we discussed. 

This Apple Watch face is available with watchOS 9 and later. 

3. Fallout Pipboy

The Fallout Modular Apple Watch Face

Fallout Pipboy is quite similar to the previously mentioned watch face at first glance, but the shade of green is brighter. Moreover, there are fewer icons on your screen; if you find the other one too overwhelming, this might be a viable alternative. 

This Fallout Pipboy Apple Watch face lets you customize various data labels and icons, and you can change the size and thickness of different aspects of your display. You may also see this face listed as Fallout Modular. 

4. Fallout No. 52

The Fallout No. 52 Apple Watch Face

Fallout No. 52 is one of the simpler faces on our list. You’ll only see the time, your device’s battery percentage, and the date. Pip Boy will also give you a thumbs-up through your screen from a circle. 

You can customize the main widget’s frame, and it’s also possible to toggle Automatic Frame on if you’d prefer to have everything resized with minimal effort on your end. 

When using this Apple Watch face, you can also customize various data points – such as your step count, daily step goals, total exercise time, and more. 

5. Fallout Tintable

The Fallout Modular Apple Watch Face

Fallout Tintable requires a premium Clockology subscription, and you’ll see everything appear on a blue-ish-purple background. You can view your total daily steps, along with your calories burned and the weather, among other widgets. 

Note icon NOTE
To use this Apple Watch face, you’ll need watchOS 9 or later. 

6. Fallout v2

The Fallout v2 Apple Watch Face

Fallout v2 is a great free alternative to Fallout Tintable. It’s effectively a cross between many of the Apple Watch faces on this list. Pip Boy himself is bright green, but you’ll notice that most of the other widgets are slightly darker. You can edit your data labels, along with the size and thickness of everything on your screen. 

You can also adjust the icons on your screen if you’d like to change the layout. 

7. Pip Boy by AnnouncedCloud

AnnouncedCloud's Pip Boy Apple Watch Face

AnnouncedCloud’s Pip Boy Apple Watch face is another display that requires a premium Clockology subscription. I used this for a while, and I liked it quite a bit. You can see various metrics on your home screen, including how many steps you’ve walked and which day it is. 

Unlike many of the Apple Watch faces already discussed, Pip Boy is animated in this one. If you have trouble accessing your faces later, read this guide on what to do if your Watch faces have disappeared on your Apple Watch

8. Pip-Boy on Facer

The Apple Watch Face Pip-Boy on Facer
Credit: Facer

Facer also has a selection of Fallout-themed Apple Watch faces that you may want to check out when customizing your device. The one I’ll discuss is the Pip-Boy face.

You can choose whether you want a 12-hour or 24-hour clock with this Apple Watch face, and it’s also possible to change which information – such as your battery data – is visible. Moreover, the Vault Boy – who looks very similar to Pip-Boy – will change in animations depending on the time of day. You can adjust these further in the Watch app for your iPhone. 

If you want unlimited access to all of the Apple Watch faces on Facer, you’ll need a paid subscription. You can either get a monthly or annual pass, depending on your preferences. 

9. Pip-Boy SE

The Pip-Boy Face on an Apple Watch

Pip-Boy SE is identical to the previously-mentioned Apple Watch face, only that it’s available on the Apple Watch SE. I’ve used this face extensively in the past, and it’s one of my all-time favorites. 

You can customize your Pip-Boy SE face in all of the same ways that are possible with the previously-mentioned app. And like the other version, you can make adjustments in the Watch app on your iPhone. 

10. Perks

Apple Watch Perks Pip-Boy Face
Credit: Facer

The last Apple Watch face I’ll mention today is Perks, which is also available on Facer. While not as well-known as the Pip-Boy Watch face, it’s still a fantastic option if you’re into the Fallout video game series. Whereas the other one is predominantly black and green, this one has a lot more color. 

The Perks face has seven main image customizations. For example, you can use Fallout’s main character at a campfire, and there’s one of him with a revolver.  

You can customize various aspects, including whether you want a 12-hour or 24-hour digital clock. This Apple Watch face also lets you automatically change as your day progresses, meaning you’ll never get bored looking at your screen. 

There are several cool Pip Boy and Fallout-themed faces for your Apple Watch; some of them are free, but you’ll have to pay for others. Each has unique customization features, including colors and widgets. Pick whichever ones resonate with you the most, and remember that you can always tweak them later if you’d like to.

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