How to View Your Apple Watch Apps as a List

Man wearing Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is great, but let’s be honest – the default Grid View is a bit of a mess. Tired of desperately trying to find the thing you want to launch, or hitting the wrong icon?  You can adjust settings to view Apple Watch apps as a list.

View Your Apple Watch Apps as a List

Press the digital crown on your Apple Watch and find Settings – the gear icon.

Apple Watch List View Settings

Tap the icon and open Settings.

Scroll down and tap App View.

Apple Watch List View App View

Tap List View. A green tick will appear next to it.

Apple Watch List View

Press the Digital Crown to see all your Apps – they will now be in a list.

Apple Watch App List View Final

This should make it much easier to find what you are looking for!

[Updated January 22: Video Added]

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