Latest Rumors – Updated MacBook Air With MagSafe

Apple is working on a thinner, lighter, higher-end version of the MacBook Air, Bloomberg News reported. What is more, the updated model might become available later this year.

Update MacBook Air Could be The on Way

An updated MacBook Air will keep its 13-inch screen size, although the device overall could be smaller than the current model, with the company looking into reducing the border around the screen. It will also include MagSafe charging, Apple silicon, and two USB 4 ports. If it doesn’t arrive this year, the new MacBook Air will become available in 2022. Furthermore, a 15-inch model is reportedly being discussed, but this will be part of the next generation.

There have been a number of recent Apple hardware rumors recently. This includes the prospect of a new MacBook Pro with MagSafe and an iMac redesign.

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