How to Avoid Becoming Powerless

Even though my new iPhone 13 Pro Max has the best battery life of any iPhone I’ve ever owned (or tested), I still suffer from FOROOJ (Fear of Running Out of Juice). But old habits die hard, so I still top off my iPhone battery whenever possible, even though it’s unnecessary with my new phone.

I rely upon a bevy of clever devices to keep my batteries fully charged whenever possible, using an external battery and car mount charger when I’m in town, and a multi-function power bank and 6-port powered USB hub when I’m on the road.

MAG-LOCK charger: Magnificent

I rarely leave home without an external battery, just in case. And while I’ve collected quite a few of them over the years, my current favorite is the MAG-LOCK charger by MyCharge, which offers several advantages over batteries I’ve used in the past.

First and foremost, it uses Apple’s MagSafe technology to affix itself to your iPhone 12 or newer. And while I’ve tried other MagSafe batteries, its magnets are more powerful, so it sticks to my iPhone better than others. It works nicely with or without a case. And I appreciate that, unlike other batteries I’ve tried, it emits a gentle tone to alert me that it’s made a connection and is charging my iPhone wirelessly.

Available in five colors (Graphite, Purple, Pacific Blue, White, and Red) and three sizes (16 hours/3000mAh for $49.99, 32 hours/6000mAh for $59.99, and 48 hours/9000mAh for $69.99), it’s the first battery I toss in my pocket or backpack.

Scosche Magic Grip Extendo: Magical

Moving right along, I’ve tried dozens of car mounts and chargers and have found that the ones that connect to an air conditioning vent or CD slot are less reliable than ones with suction cups affixed to the windshield. And of all the suction cup mounts and chargers I’ve tried, I like the Scosche Magic Grip Extendo best.

Two features make it a standout for me. The first is auto-grip arms, which grab my iPhone gently, making it easy to insert it one-handed. And, the second is a telescoping arm so that I can secure my iPhone in the best and safest possible position.

Eggtronic Power Bar: Multi-Device

When I travel, I carry the Eggtronic Power Bar, a 10,000mAh multi-device wireless charger that lets me charge my Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods simultaneously. While that is quite cool, what’s even more remarkable is that it can also charge my MacBook Air, if necessary. At $149, it’s not cheap, but it’s the only battery I need when I’m out and about.

Finally, to charge everything even faster in hotel rooms, I carry a powered 7-port Anker USB hub and the appropriate charging cables for all my devices (i.e., Lightning, USB C, USB mini, USB micro, and such).

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