TikTok is The Best Apple Advert Around

iPhone with TikTok logo and EarPods

Reader, I have something to confess. I have become obsessed with TikTok. At nearly 33 years old I should know better. I should accept that it is a place for those younger than me and leave them to it. And yet, in the name of journalism (of course…) I took a look, and thanks to the all-encompassing algorithm, clever creators, and never-ending memes, I am stuck in a stream of video that never ends. Ever.

TikTok is The Ultimate Apple Ad

TikTok is focussed on the user, with the algorithm targeting you with content it thinks/knows you will like in a scarily efficient manner. Spent time watching one type of clip? Here are hundreds more like it. Your ‘For Your Page’ feed, a stream of videos made by users you do not necessarily follow, adapts almost in realtime to any preference you display. No matter what part of the app you find yourself in though, one thing remains the constant – Apple products.

AirPods next to iPhone with TikTok logo

TikTok is, quite frankly, one of the best adverts for Apple around. Whether it is teenage girls talking into their mirrors holding up an iPhone, or an influencer talking into their EarPod’s mic (they’re both things…) countless videos on the platform show Apple products. That’s not to mention those that are made using an iPhone that you don’t see. Furthermore, there are users dedicated to making videos about Apple and tech tips.

Use Apple Products to Create… Anything

Of course, as with so many social media platforms, there are security concerns with TikTok. The highly-efficient feed I mentioned surely makes those working on privacy protections for Apple users wince. Despite this, TikTok helps reinforce the well-established message that Apple products as desirable to users in a key demographic. Perhaps more importantly, it highlights how with just an iPhone, EarPods, or AirPods you can create… well, whatever you want, and have it seen by millions. A slick Apple ‘Shot on iPhone’ advert could hardly do a better job.

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