Dave Mark put together a great list of changes Apple made that were first mocked, then copied, then made standard by the industry. You know, like we’re seeing with the iPhone X notch. Or ditching the floppy drive. Or making a phone without a physical keyboard. These are all things Apple was skewered for doing, and yet now it’s hard to imagine how it could have gone any other way. Head over to The Loop for Dave Mark’s full list. It’s a surprisingly long list!

Check It Out: A List of Apple Changes that Were Mocked, Then Copied, Then Made Standard

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  1. marcsten

    Thanks for the link to the list. I enjoyed it. One idea that people seem to forget or exclude from the list that I think belongs is The Apple Store – that is brick and mortar stores. Loudly laughed at as anachronistic or worse, would anyone argue that the Apple store today is not only great way to shop for Apple products or just play with them, but that Microsoft and others have copied it? What do others think? In or out?

  2. John Kheit

    Actually I hope that they will include an under screen fingerprint reader in addition to the Face ID. Sometimes it’s more convenient to use Face ID, other times it’s more convenient to use your finger. And there are things that you may want to require both forms of security, when their ultra sensitive. Having both would be great.

  3. JonGl

    I’m pretty sure the notch is temporary. I’m betting the sensors will be reduced in size to that a minimal top bezel will be preferred over the notch. I’m not sure why everybody else is jumping on this bandwagon, other than the “me too” phenomenon. But the big notch is, I’m sure, just temporary… (and a full-front fingerprint sensor–i.e. the entire screen– may make the face ID idea go away too.)

    • geoduck

      I’d doubt FaceID will go away. Apple has put too much effort into it and it’s, to all reports I’ve read, working too well to drop after a couple of years. I think if anything it will expand, much like TouchID did. First on the high end phone and later to on phones, iPads, even Macs. But I agree with your other points. The notch is temporary, and fingerprint in screen is a definite possibility albeit as a backup to FaceID

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