Apple CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday that Apple Watch is not just the number one smartwatch on the planet, it’s now the number one watch. It would represent a huge accomplishment for Apple, and one that should scare the pants off the watch world. In the screenshot I included, Apple Watch is about to overcome Rolex to be the top brand in terms of sales.

Check It Out: Apple Claims Apple Watch #1 Watch in the World

Apple Claims Apple Watch #1 Watch in the World

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  1. mrmwebmax


    Been in and out of hospitals and pharmacies since January. For whatever reason, people in the medical field seem to love Apple Watches. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, you name it. Saw more Apple Watches than any other.

  2. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

    I’m not at all surprised by this. The AW has become nearly ubiquitous in my orbit, and I’ve noticed it increasingly on the wrists of news anchors and various persons, including athletes, on TV. The elite watch industry hasn’t had a response to this, and is clearly feeling the heat (if they had an AW they could just check the temperature).

    Now, sir, do you still ‘like’ but not ‘love’ yours?

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