Watch Apple’s 2 Minute Video on Inclusion and Diversity Called ‘Open’

Apple has a new video out called “Inclusion & Diversity — Open.” It’s a two-minute tribute to the value that an open and diverse workplace can bring to a company like Apple, and it features “68 employees revealing who we are.” In the YouTube description, Apple said, “At Apple, ‘open’ isn’t just a word. It’s our culture. One that embraces faiths, disabilities, races, ages, ideologies, personalities, and differences. Because humanity isn’t singular. It’s plural.” Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has made a big push to increase the diversity of its work force and executive team. Like other Silicon Valley companies working on this same issue, Apple remains overwhelmingly white and male, even with recent progress. This video is, in part, a sales pitch for people of diverse backgrounds to work at Apple, and it’s a pretty good pitch.

Check It Out: Watch Apple’s 2 Minute Video on Inclusion and Diversity Called ‘Open’

2 thoughts on “Watch Apple’s 2 Minute Video on Inclusion and Diversity Called ‘Open’

  • Strange, no Asian men were featured in this inclusion video as best as I can tell, nor in any Apple keynotes despite being a significant proportion of Apple’s workforce.

  • Apple makes these videos to cover the fact that they are NOT open and diverse at all. A bunch of white dudes run the company. I’m not fooled.

    For the record, I don’t care what diversity the leaders or employees of Apple have. In countries with a heterogenous population like China, people all come from the same background, and I don’t think it hurts or helps the Apple Stores in China to have that. The only thing I care about is: does Apple release good products and make money for the shareholders.

    I wish Apple would have invested the money they spent on this dumb video into making a version of Siri that doesn’t give me directions to a McDonalds a thousand miles away instead of the one across town from me that I really wanted.

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