I spotted the Azio mechanical keyboard as a sponsored post in my Instagram feed last night, and I thought it was super cool. Originally funded on Indiegogo for more than $388,000, the Azio keyboard is shipping now. The one shown in the image below is the Azio Retro Classic BT (for Bluetooth), with a USB version available, too. It’s not quite steampunk, but it’s close, and there are several other styles, too. There are also also different color options for each model.  There are also models with modern key shapes, and some much cheaper entry-level models, but I love this typewriter feel on the Retro Classic. It’s priced at $189 for USB and $219 for Bluetooth. The video is from the original Indiegogo campaign. [2nd Update: Azio told me that the Bluetooth version supports the Mac and comes with replaceable keys. The USB version is Windows only. – Bryan] [3rd Update: I’ve now published an Azio Retro Classic BT Mac review].

Check It Out: Azio Mechanical Keyboard Marries Retro Looks and Backlit Keys [Update on Mac Support]

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  1. Bryan Chaffin

    Azio got back to me: the Bluetooth version supports the Mac, while the USB model doesn’t. The BT version also comes with replaceable keycaps. I’m going to run a followup piece on Tuesday.

    • xmattingly

      Thanks for the followup, Bryan! If you guys might be able to do a product review, that’d be awesome. I’d love to see what you think about this keyboard for typing, as well as productivity (key commands, entering key combinations, etc).

  2. Bryan Chaffin

    As soon as I can get it straightened out with the company, I’ll either update this article or post something new (depending on the depth and quality of the info).

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Huh, it didn’t even occur to me that it wouldn’t support Mac in this day and age…I should have looked, of course! I’ve written to them to ask about it, and am about to update the article until I hear back. Thanks for catching this.

      • steveald

        No worries. At least they didn’t claim Mac support like some do expecting you to use the Windows key as a command key and just deal with other keys being out of place.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Eolake, I wanted one of those SOOOOO bad! I didn’t know the artist had died. Thanks for the post!

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