So my old friend Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus made a paperback version of Working Smarter for Mac Users, but he doesn’t want you to buy it. Weird, right? He has his reasons, though, and he made a video (with some cheesy help from yours truly) explaining why. Check it out. And if you haven’t already checked out Working Smarter for Mac Users, you should. I edited this book, and it’s amazeballs. It’s chock full of both Mac productivity tips and Dr. Mac’s techniques for overcoming procrastination. But unlike other productivity systems I’ve read, Bob’s focus is less about “do these things” than it is, “here are different things to try, and here’s how to think about them so you can pick what works for you.” It’s on Amazon ($19.99 Kindle, $29.99 Paperback), iBooks ($19.99), or direct from Bob (where’s a coupon code at the bottom of the page). In the meanwhile, enjoy Bob’s video!

Check It Out: Bob LeVitus Doesn’t Want You Buying the Paperback of Working Smarter for Mac Users

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  1. Bob LeVitus

    I don’t think I have control over that with the tech I’m using for my store… but I’ll look into it and add ApplePay if I can. (Maybe next time?)

    Thanks for buying it!

  2. mactoid

    Thanks Bob! Bought the book, and in the ebook version as well. I will confess I was “mildly” disappointed when I discovered that I was going to have to use 20th century credit technology (VISA) to buy the book rather than ApplePay, but maybe you didn’t have control over that! 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

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