iOS 11 Developer Beta 4, and now Public Beta 3, changed the Contacts icon from a notebook with the silhouette of a man to a man and a woman. That’s a subtle detail, but one that people are noticing. The tech world has a strong cis male bias—so much so that women, transgender, and anyone that doesn’t embrace the good-old-boys-club attitude are often ridiculed and harassed—that needs some serious shaking up, so sometimes those little things can be a big deal.

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  1. Boo

    Never in my life have I seen so much politically-charged nonsense crammed into such a small article. It’s impressively ridiculous, I grant you that much.

  2. Bob Petersen

    I’m offended that the “man” is behind the “woman” and further more why isn’t the icon gender-neutral? We are disintegrating as a culture with all this hyper political correctness. Pretty soon all the icons will be gray dots.

  3. xmattingly

    Great, because there’s nothing more rewarding that spending thousands of dollars on products that a tech company insists on injecting their politics into. 🙄🔫

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