Apple Releases iOS 11 Developer Beta 4 for iPhone, iPad

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Apple released iOS 11 developer beta 4 on Monday for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The update fixes several bugs, updates some app icons, and fixes compatibility issues with some third-party apps.

iOS 11, watchOS 4, tvOS 11, macOS High Sierra developer preview updates

Apple releases iOS 11 developer preview beta 4

iOS 11 was first shown off during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in early June. The new iPhone and iPad operating system includes powerful augmented reality support, Siri improvements, a redesigned Control Center, a new Photos app, drag-and-drop between apps, and more.

You’ll need an Apple Developer Connection account to download the developer beta along with a compatible device. iOS 11 is still a beta for good cause: some features are broken, others have stability issues or don’t always perform as expected, data could be lost, and crashes should be expected.

The public beta updates tend to follow a few days after the developer releases, so expect to see that soon.

iOS 11 developer beta 4 is a free download for developers. The official release this fall will be a free download for everyone.

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