CES – PopSockets Launches Car Vent Mount

CES – PopSockets Launches Car Vent Mount

LAS VEGAS – Popular iPhone grip and stand maker, PopSockets, has launched their next accessory: the PopSockets Car Vent Mount. Built to fit into the air vent of your car, this makes it super-simple for any one with a PopSocket on your phone to mount it on your car’s dashboard in one, easy motion. Pricing is US$9.99 and it will be available this week or early next from PopSockets.com or Amazon.

Check It Out: CES – PopSockets Launches Car Vent Mount

One thought on “CES – PopSockets Launches Car Vent Mount

  • Only problem I have with vent mounts is when it is winter. The heat coming out for our negative temps will cook the phone so I don’t want to use it.

    Works great in summer with the ac though.

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